Did you know there is a proper technique to wearing a bra, and knowing how to do it correctly can make a significant difference in terms of comfort and support?! While it might seem straightforward, many women may not be aware of the proper way to wear a bra or may overlook important details. Learning the correct technique can help ensure that you get the most out of your bra in terms of fit and support.

Step 1: Slip-On

The first step involves slipping your arms through the bra’s shoulder strap. Bring the bra up so that the band is just ubder your breast.

Step 2: Lean-On
Second is to lean-on. As you clasp the band in the back, lean forward slightly to place your breast in each cup. This allows your breasts to naturally settle and fit into the bra cups. After that, you can straighten up, followed by a slight adjustment of the breasts to fill the cups fully and settle down properly.

Step 3: Hook-On
Next is to clasp the bra on the loosest hook first. See if it is comfortable in thus position. If it needs to be tighter, go onto the second hook and so on.

Step 4: Adjusters-on
Stand up and adjust the shoulder straps over your shoulders. Adjust the straps so they share the task of holding up your breasts.

Step 5: Cup-On
Move your breasts around with your hand until they are fully in the cup, settled in.

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